Depression is a great story

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This is what depression looks like

It’s not some sad old dude that takes a hike

Or a sad old dog named Spike

Sometimes you have it all but still feel empty

Just take a chill pill, level: entry

Coke maybe? Antidepressants are too scanty

Your thoughts, I’m trying to provoke

Awareness, is what I’m trying to evoke

It’s no laughing matter, it’s not a joke

Let’s all stand together and fight

Forget what you heard, let’s do what’s right

Let’s keep moving forward, there’s light !!

We’re all gonna die, doesn’t have to be today

That’s no way to live, there’s a much better way

Just trust in the Lord, bow down and pray

Don’t overthink it, try not to over worry

It’s all gonna work and you’ll give him the Glory

So trust that he will make this a great story


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