I don’t know about you but I’m not religious

Like courtroom facts it’s mostly fictitious

Licking their chops like it’s something delicious

I believe in Christ but that’s a relationship

Being loyal even through hardship

Taking me higher than any spaceship

One step at a time, like climbing a ladder

Takes away my burden so I don’t get sadder

Comforts me before I can even get madder

All about love and not looking for faults

Having nothing to hide so no need for vaults

They don’t get it, I’m not saying they’re dolts

But why be pretentious when you’re heading toward doom

Burdened by your perils and feeling the gloom

Yes he’s coming, we’ll keep saying soon

For He is the Lord, our salvation

Doesn’t judge, nor does he look at your nation

Everyone is welcome, even a Haitian

We can’t do enough good that’s why we have grace

He left us early to prepare a place

No more shame you can show your face

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