Letting go?

Letting go… Easier said than done, right? How does one simply leave behind their life’s work? After pouring out your heart and soul entirely on something or someone, how do you just flick the switch and leave it all behind?

How can you restart? How can you rebuild? It’s almost impossible seeing as there’s not much left to give after giving your all. Not many can relate because not many are, quote unquote, dumb enough to put all their eggs in one basket.

I was one of those “dumb” people. I could tell you my whole story but that’s just it, it would be a story to you because you won’t be able to comprehend how serious my loss is. You just can’t fathom the agony the experience has caused.

Here I lay, pondering on the thought of bowing out. Why? You may ask.. Because I’m convinced there’s really nothing left to give. I’m just a shell of a man now. Empty, envious and angry!

Angry at myself, angry at the world. Yes, no one asked me to bend over backwards and break, but I did it anyway. No one asked me to invest all my time and efforts in any endeavor, but I did. Like a shattered glass, no matter how the pieces are put back together, it will just never be the same.

The damage is done! The price must be paid. For I can no longer bare, to live with this shame. Tis my desire, that hope I can reclaim, but if I’m being honest, things will stay the same. So for me, I believe it’s the end of the game.



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