Denial: You can’t undo what’s done!

Insanity is thinking that you can go back to being who you once were before life “broke” you. You can try and put the pieces back together, but it’ll just never be the same. Don’t deny your “past”, accept it!

We sometimes think we were better before, but one undeniable fact about the human race is that we change for the better. Yes, we occasionally make things worse but we evolve. All change is necessary and ultimately vital to enable us to move forward. It’s sometimes painful and unpleasant, but vital!

Perhaps you’ve lost certain morals, you’ve developed new habits that you’re not too pleased with. Perfectly understandable. Although doing away with certain habits may be good, doing away with that “new you” isn’t.

There’s a reason life pushed you down a certain path. There’s a reason you became someone else; something else. Embrace it! Try and understand why, face it! Don’t run away from it or try to burry it.

Someone once told me, “Your messed up-ness may just be what someone needed.” I felt that. I came to later realize how true that was. One of the biggest problems is opinions. We all have them. We’re all entitled to them. But as I said, it’s a problem! Why?

Because we tend to think our opinions make more sense than that of others. We want people to be a certain way that makes sense to us. We want them to look a certain way, dress, speak, act, pray, f*ck, you name it!

This has caused a lot of confusion and self-conflict in many people. My advice is, don’t let someone’s opinion dictate how you feel about yourself. Introspection is just as important as perception. In simple terms, what you think is equally as important as what others think.

We were all brought here, no one came and set things to be a certain way, we’re all trying to figure things out. No one knows it all, and that’s ok. Listen to guidance, learn from others, but don’t be a slave to them!



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