Social Media

A place to broadcast a lie

Looking successful, with no need to try

Not made in China but it’s still fake

Your life, it can break, but also make

All dependent upon choices

With lots of overwhelming voices

You see what we want, not what’s real

Because good, is all we want to feel

Fake it till you make it is what they say

Following the trend seems to be the only way

Modern day slavery, AKA social media

It’s it real life, just someone’s idea


I don’t know about you but I’m not religious

Like courtroom facts it’s mostly fictitious

Licking their chops like it’s something delicious

I believe in Christ but that’s a relationship

Being loyal even through hardship

Taking me higher than any spaceship

One step at a time, like climbing a ladder

Takes away my burden so I don’t get sadder

Comforts me before I can even get madder

All about love and not looking for faults

Having nothing to hide so no need for vaults

They don’t get it, I’m not saying they’re dolts

But why be pretentious when you’re heading toward doom

Burdened by your perils and feeling the gloom

Yes he’s coming, we’ll keep saying soon

For He is the Lord, our salvation

Doesn’t judge, nor does he look at your nation

Everyone is welcome, even a Haitian

We can’t do enough good that’s why we have grace

He left us early to prepare a place

No more shame you can show your face

Being alive is not having a life

We claim to see when we’re actually blind

Speaking good, yet have bad in mind

That mentality is broke

It’s nothing but a joke

Being too careful to actually live

Holding on too tight we can barely even give

Always wanting more, that’s what we call greed

Taking what you want and more than you need

What’s the point when it won’t matter when you’re dead

This is all a lie, all made up in your head

Afraid to be great because of what people will say

So in the end, the same we stay

Slaving for desire and eventually expire

In modern terms we slave till we retire


Depression is a great story

Picture source:

This is what depression looks like

It’s not some sad old dude that takes a hike

Or a sad old dog named Spike

Sometimes you have it all but still feel empty

Just take a chill pill, level: entry

Coke maybe? Antidepressants are too scanty

Your thoughts, I’m trying to provoke

Awareness, is what I’m trying to evoke

It’s no laughing matter, it’s not a joke

Let’s all stand together and fight

Forget what you heard, let’s do what’s right

Let’s keep moving forward, there’s light !!

We’re all gonna die, doesn’t have to be today

That’s no way to live, there’s a much better way

Just trust in the Lord, bow down and pray

Don’t overthink it, try not to over worry

It’s all gonna work and you’ll give him the Glory

So trust that he will make this a great story


A cry for help?

Am I just writing? Or giving a subliminal message on this stage

I feel overwhelmed, filled with so much rage

You don’t know my story, not even a single page

“I hear voices

They make choices

It’s all just madness

living daily with sadness”

Don’t get the picture? I’ll paint you a canvas

You can’t run, you can’t hide! Not even in Kansas

I’m crying out, for help, I’m always asking

Can’t escape the dark even when in the sun I’m basking

Help! Help! Help! I can’t stop screaming

Like a Netflix series that you can’t stop streaming


Roller Coaster

Up and down, I’m never steady

Go! No time to get ready

Going from weak to rapidly heady

Can’t eat, can’t sleep

Calm? I can’t keep

In this hole, I’m in too deep

Sometimes I’m down, then suddenly High

I want to keep living, wait that’s a lie

Cos till today I can’t find a reason why

Was flying now I’m drowning

Stay in solitude so I’m not seen frowning

Just end it already and stop clowning

I feel like I’m dead, or am I just dreaming?

Cos it’s like my life, I’m repeatedly streaming

In my head I’m continually screaming

Please, please, please just make it all end

Anyone at all, doesn’t have to be a friend

As long as it’s genuine and not just pretend