People Pleasing

An age old story. In one way or the other, we all seek some form of “approval” from people. Overtime this led to going as far as trying to “please” people, just for that approval.

Honestly, I can’t claim to be completely over it. Seriously though, nobody wants to be disliked or hated on. But is people pleasing all that bad? In some ways it’s a good thing, actually, it can push you to put out the very best possible. It can “raise” your standards.

However, it gets plain out stupid when it stops you from being your true self, or when it stands in the way of you living your life. (Not that thing people do by simply breathing and waking up every morning).

I’ve said this so many times; and I wish I came up with it; sadly I didn’t, there’s no such thing as pleasing people. In one way or the other, they will always find fault with what you do or do not do.

And this is a good thing! Because if it’s true that there’s no pleasing people, then that also means that there’s no disappointing them as well. Think about it, if you can’t please me, and I know it, how then will I be disappointed?

So let go and let God, as they say… Live your life! Make your choices, not someone else’s. Nobody really cares and it doesn’t matter if they do or not. It’s your life, live it, love it!


Freedom ?

You are free to make your own choices in life, but you aren’t free from the consequences…”

Don’t cry if you date a player & get played

Just like having a baby after getting laid

In life all the dues get paid

So today I see Bella Thorne trending because she’s crying about the backlash from choosing to leak her own nudes instead of allowing a hacker to extort her.

Firstly, I started something I call the “woken” philosophy, which as the name implies; is a philosophy: A philosophy in layman’s terms is simply an idea.

The woken philosophy is based on the idea that life is yours, no one else’s and it’s meant to be lived. We have different definitions of what it means to live. But, overall, for every action there is an inevitable outcome. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

I’m not here to pick sides or say what’s right and wrong or tell people how to live. I always emphasize that I’m not a life coach. That word makes me sick! No one ought to tell you how to live. I’m not here to defend or attack anyone for what they decide to do in their lives.

Let me get to the point because no matter how much this is emphasized, society pays attention to what it wants to; often the bad, messy sides of things. I don’t really care about that so anyway…

Bella took pictures of herself. “Nudes”. It’s her body, it’s her right. Now, as a celebrity she’s at risk of being attacked by hackers. Perhaps she knew, perhaps she didn’t. But that’s life. Today celebrities wear revealing clothing. People go for “nice” shoots where they’re basically naked. No one is blowing up about it.

It’s really funny to me though. But the bottom line, things don’t always get the same reaction. There are things Rihanna gets away with that apparently not everyone can. Like when having sex, even with a condom, there’s a chance of the occurrence of pregnancy.

Mommy and daddy tell you not to have sex before marriage, maybe you decide to. Maybe you get pregnant, maybe you don’t. Either way, if you made the choice to do something, no mater how well intentioned, be prepared to deal with the consequences.

I’m writing this right now when there are people taking sides to it even from a racial standpoint, “Black Whoopi” vs “White Bella”. And perhaps because I’m a “nobody” right now, no one will pay enough attention to this, but either way, even if they do, I’m prepared to deal with whatever consequences arise from writing this post.

I won’t let anyone tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. This is not to say I won’t heed a warning or take sensible advice into consideration, but overall I always decide to make the decision I can live with the most.

There isn’t anything objectively bad or good. There’s no “right” or “wrong” choice. It’s a journey, not a test. It’s like someone telling you to abort a baby because keeping it will ruin your life, maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Either way, whatever you decide, don’t blame anyone. Deal with it! It’s all on you!

Yes! It’s their fault you decided to make the choice. Perhaps their advice was wrong, but you still made the decision. No one cares and it won’t matter why you made the choice, bottom line is the choice was made. It’s your life, you have to live and deal with it.

~Woken Philosopha