People Pleasing

An age old story. In one way or the other, we all seek some form of “approval” from people. Overtime this led to going as far as trying to “please” people, just for that approval.

Honestly, I can’t claim to be completely over it. Seriously though, nobody wants to be disliked or hated on. But is people pleasing all that bad? In some ways it’s a good thing, actually, it can push you to put out the very best possible. It can “raise” your standards.

However, it gets plain out stupid when it stops you from being your true self, or when it stands in the way of you living your life. (Not that thing people do by simply breathing and waking up every morning).

I’ve said this so many times; and I wish I came up with it; sadly I didn’t, there’s no such thing as pleasing people. In one way or the other, they will always find fault with what you do or do not do.

And this is a good thing! Because if it’s true that there’s no pleasing people, then that also means that there’s no disappointing them as well. Think about it, if you can’t please me, and I know it, how then will I be disappointed?

So let go and let God, as they say… Live your life! Make your choices, not someone else’s. Nobody really cares and it doesn’t matter if they do or not. It’s your life, live it, love it!


Positivity Dose

What’s good my people !! Thanks so much again for joining me on this journey. I’ve been posting a lot on the matter of mental health, depression and co. This may all seem very negative to some, like, why am I writing suicidal stories? Why am I writing depressed poems? Aren’t people depressed enough as it is?

The thing is… Many go through what I post, some of it isn’t even my own work. The worst thing about suffering is suffering alone. Note, I’m not saying having bipolar disorder is “suffering” so don’t misinterpret my words. I’m just trying to help build a community of people who understand each other and can support/help each other.

It’s one thing to be sad, another to be depressed. Regardless of that though, it’s been medically proven that positivity goes a long way in dealing with mental health issues. I post daily motivational content, nothing but good vibes on Instagram so please kindly share this with anyone and everyone!!

I’m on twitter as well with the same handle, slide into my DM, let’s get in touch!! I hope that my posts help and continue to make a positive impact !!

Stay awesome, stay woke!!

Mr. E